Green Tea Ice Cream: A Unique, Healthy Dessert

You’ve seen the usual: strawberry ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream, even banana ice cream. Well, if you’d like to get a little more out of your ice cream maker (and green tea just happens to be a personal favourite of yours) try this recipe – we promise you’ll love it. This green tea ice cream recipe uses green tea powder, also called matcha, an essential part of Japanese green tea ceremony and found in certain supermarkets, notably Japanese ones. It brings out the flavour of green tea in what would otherwise be plain ice cream.
You only need a few ingredients and an ice cream maker to make this delicious green tea ice cream.


Serving: about 1 litre
  375 ml. of heavy cream
  375 ml. of milk
  A pinch of salt
  1 1/2 tbsp. matcha
  5 eggs
  65 grams of sugar
1. Put cream, milk, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a bare simmer.
2. Add the matcha and let it dissolve.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together until thickened.
4. Combine the egg mixture with a cup of the heated cream mixture and pour into the saucepan. Constantly stir using a wooden spoon.
5. Cook over medium heat while stirring constantly until it thickens such that it coats the back of the spoon.
6. Do not overheat to avoid curdling; remove immediately from the pan.
7. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve onto a medium bowl to leave off the solids. Leave to cool completely. You can also place it in a larger bowl with ice water.
8. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and process as per manufacturer’s instructions.
9. Transfer to an airtight plastic container and refrigerate until completely chilled and ready to serve.
Photo from Desserts with Benefits
This ice cream recipe has a lovely, surreal green color and a distinctive taste. You can serve by itself or pair with topical fruit slices such as oranges.
It doesn’t hurt that it’s healthy too, since the concentrated green tea powder retains the antioxidant content of real green tea leaves, and not the diminished nutrients in brewed green tea. Just make sure though that the matcha that you buy is pure, not mixed with sugar or milk powder. The key to making good green tea ice cream is in the quality of the matcha.
Amazingly easy to make, this green tea ice cream recipe is a real treat to green tea fanatics. It’s also perfect for a hot summer day or as a dessert to delight any unexpected visitors.
Written by Katherine Cortes
Or you can check out this video from Japanese Cooking 101

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